THE WORLD ASSOCCIATION OF WOMEN JOURNALISTS AND WRITERS (or A.M.M.P.E by its Spanish initial ) was founded at its first world congress held in Mexico City in May 1969. Ms. Gloria Salas de Calderon, a Mexican writer, joined by other renowned women journalists and writers from thirty-six countries declared the birth of AMMPE in that gathering and Calderon was elected as the first International President of AMMPE.

AMMPE's organization:
The International Board of AMMPE is formed by 37 members of National Chapters. President of each National Chapter is the designate member of AMMPE's International Board.

AMMPE's Objectives:
★ Develop Professional skills of its members through training, conference and congress.
★ Promote friendship among communicators of the world.
★ Support its members with professional opportunities.
★ Organize journalism contests and exchanges.
★ Advocate freedom of the press.

AMMPE's meeting:
The International Board meets annually to evaluate proposals from AMMPE chapter members regarding press developments and idea exchanges. The international congress is held biannually to pursue AMMPE objectives and develop friendships among members.
So far nineteen international conferences have taken place in different cities of its member countries:

The venues and themes of each international congress are as follows:
I - Mexico (1969) ─ Evolution of women journalists in the Americas.
II - Washington and New York (1971) ─ Drug problems were analyzed.
III - Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (1973) ─ Problems of modern society , women's influence in economy and changes in family value.
IV - South Korea (1977) ─ Media influence on children'.
V - Puerto Rico (1979) ─ Confidence in media and how journalists perform to maintain its credibility.
VI - Cannes, France (1981) ─ Journalistic ethics and the impact of rumor-reporting.
VII - Cleveland U.S.A (1983) ─ Social and Informational change under new technology application.
VIII - Mexico (1985) ─ Aborted due to the earthquake.
IX - Laval City, Canada (1988)─ The power of written language and body language in search of human potential.
X - Guadalajara, Mexico (1991) ─ How to protect human ecology through journalistic efforts.
XI - Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria (1993) ─ The positive influence of women journalists in social development and preserving family values.
XII - Santiago, Chile (1995) ─ Journalism challenges in face of technological innovations.
XIII - Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.(1996) ─ Media and Feminism in 21st century.
XIV - Athens ,Greece (1998) ─ The Value of Education in 21st century journalism.
XV - Acapulco, Mexico (2002) ─ Freedom of the press ; Globalization and new technology in everyday's communication.
XVI - Salamanca, Spain(2004) ─ The Power and the Media.- Ethics, Duties and Rights of Communicators.
XVII - Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. (2006) ─ Media in The Internet Age
XVIII - Santiago, Chile (2008) ─ Exchanged views on communications and journalism in the digital age
XIX - Buenos Aires, Argentina (2010) ─ Towards a new paradigm for communication in the digital age. The challenges of equity
XX - Taichung, Taiwan (2012) ─ In the Era of So Lo Mo : How Digitalization has changed the Media World & Literary Creation
XXI - Querétaro, México (2014) – Women: the other side of history. The role of women in the World.
XXII - Santiago, Chile (2016) – "Journalism: transparency and democracy” The impact of digital innovation in mass communication, advertising, literature, social networks and drones.
XXIII - London, UK. (2018) – Telling the whole story; a complex world needs all its story tellers.

AMMPE Headquarters:
Today, in its 43th founding anniversary, AMMPE still has 18 active member countries hosting different activities regularly. Mexico is AMMPE's permanent headquarters as well as the site of AMMPE's General Secretariat because of her founding character.

Former Presidents of AMMPE

Presidents of AMMPE
Name Country Term of office
Patricia Mayorga Chile (2018~)
Sarah Gibson UK (2016~)
Julia Eugenia Martinez Chile (2014~)
Rosa Maria Valles Ruiz Mexico (2012~)
Vicky,Yen-Chiu Lee Taiwan R.O.C. (2010~)
Nily Povedano Argentina (2008~)
Gloria Leiva Chile (2006~)
Jennifer Shen Taiwan R.O.C. (2004~)
Concepcion Solana Mexico (2002~)
Noelia Miranda Chile (2000~)
Alice Kao Taiwan R.O.C. (1996~)
Enoh Irukwo Nigeria (1993~)
Pierrette Pare Walsh Canada (1988~)
Grace Kim Korea (1977~)
Mary Weber U.S.A. (1973~)
Mari Hershfeld U.S.A. (1971~)
Kena Moreno Mexico (1970~)
Gloria Salas de Calderon Mexico (1969~)


Alice Kao of Chinese(Taiwan)Chapter succeeded Pierrette Pare Walsh(Canadian Chapter) as the International President of AMMPE in its 1993 World Congress which took place in Abuja, new capital of Nigeria
Taipei was chosen as the site of 1996 AMMPE' s world congress during a vote session in Abuja
National flags were displayed after the closing of Abuja' s World Congress
Representative from member countries (from left to right) of Canada, Nigeria, Uruguay and France
1994 Board meeting of AMMPE took place in a French chateau.
Santiago, Chili was the host city of 1995 AMMPE World Congress and the then Chilian Vice-President addressed the gathering with Alice Kao from Taiwan presiding over the opening session.
Another scene of 1995 World Congress in Santiago, Chili.
Taipei has gathered more than 100 attendees in 1996 World Congress in which the late Nancy Yu Huang, founder of Chinese(Taiwan) Chapter of AMMPE and former Publisher of China Post was remembered.
Some of the early founding members of AMMPE gathered in Taipei( ladies from Mexico、Belgium、France、Finland、South Korea、Chili、Paraguay、Uruguay and Nigeria)
International members of AMMPE in 1996 Congress
Association for Chinese Women Writers host dinner for foreign guests in 1996.
Happy gathering of writers and journalists in Taipei, 1996.
Gloria salas de Calderon from Mexico was regarded as guardian mentor of AMMPE for last 37 years. She has faithfully attended every gathering and event of this organization. Maria Atella from Uruguay was a very active member until she fell ill.
2004 AMMPE's world congress was held at Abba Fonseca Hotel in Salamanca Spain . Jennifer Shen, head of the Chinese Chapter, was elected as the international president at the world congress; Concepcion Solana, the previous President from Mexico Chapter ; and Gloria salas de Calderon, founder and Honorary President of AMMPE.
2012 AMMPE's world congress was held in Taichung, Taiwan.
Rosa Maria Valles Ruiz of Mexico Chapter succeeded Yen-Chiu Lee(Taiwan R.O.C Chapter) as the International President of AMMPE, in 2012.
Former International Presidents of AMMPE, Jennifer Shen, Yen-Chiu Lee, Alice Kao,Rosa Maria Valles Ruiz(Mexico Chapter) and Nily Povedano(Argentina Chapter) gathered in Japan, in November 2012.
2014 AMMPE's world congress was held in Mexico.
Representative from R.O.C Chapter attended 2014 AMMPE's world congress in Mexico.
Julia Martinez of Chile Chapter succeeded Rosa Maria Valles Ruiz (Mexico Chapter) as the International President of AMMPE, in October 2014.
2016年與國際總會長 Julia 及駐智利大使陳新東合影
2018年11月,中華民國代表團出席倫敦世界年會,在 BBC 大樓的會議場前合影。

Establishment of R.O.C. Chapter

1985年的AMMPE第八屆國際年會,原定在墨西哥舉行,但在開幕前三天發生大地震而流產,會員檔案不幸被地震所毀,該會急欲重振旗鼓,增加生力軍。1986年 2月 ,該會在瓜地馬拉召開理監事會,我當時駐瓜地馬拉大使陸以正推薦英文中國郵報發行人余夢燕女士與殷張蘭熙女士赴會,獲理監事會同意邀請我國加入為第27個會員國。 余夢燕女士返國後,即於1986年5月在台北籌備成立分會,定名為〔世界女記者與女作家協會中華民國分會〕,英文名稱為:〔Chinese Chapter, World Association of Women Journalists and Writers〕, 約集31位優秀女記者和女作家召開發起人會,並選出余夢燕,林海音,邱七七,黃肇珩,蘇玉珍,趙鏡涓,官麗嘉等七人為籌備委員,余夢燕為召集人。 1986年11月24日,AMMPE國際理事會在台北圓山飯店舉行,10國15位理事來台參加,中華民國分會的成立大會也於26日在圓山飯店正式舉行,創始會員共有約一百人。


The 12th Dir
President HUANG,Wu-Lan
Vice President CHENG,Mei-Chih
Advisors HUANG,Chao-Heng/WANG,Li-Sing/KAO,H.E(Alice)/FU,I-Ping//CHEN,Yeh-Ching(Grace),SHEN,Chun-Hua/LEE,Yen-Chiu/SHIH,Chin-Wen
Executive Directors
Directors JIN,Xiu-Li /YE,Shu-Shan/LEE,Fei-Hong/WANG,Ke-Jing/TAO,Ling-Yu/TANG,Bi-Yun/CHEN,Jing-Yi/CHANG,Yu-Huei/CHOU,Chao-Fei/CHANG,Fen-Fu/TIAN,Li-Yun/SHEN,Yi-Ting/LIN,Dai-Man
Executive Supervisor
Supervisors Ou Yang, Yuan Mei/WANG,Hong-Wei/SHIU, Yi-Wei
Secretary General HU,You-Fung
The 11th Dir
President CHEN, Yeh-Ching (Grace)
Vice President CHEN,Ruo-Xi
Advisors HUANG, Chao-Heng / SU, Yu-Zen (Gertrude) / JHAO, Jing-JYan / WANG, Li-Sing / SHEN, Chun-Hua / KAO, H.E (Alice) / LEE, Yen-Chiu / FU, I-Ping(Flora) / SHIH, Chin-Wen
Executive Directors CHEN, Yeh-Ching (Grace) / CHEN,Ruo-Xi / Ou Yang ,Yuan-Mei / WANG, Ke-Jing / YE, Shu-Shan
Directors HUANG, Wu-Lan / CHIU, Xiu-Zhi / WUN, Siao-Ping / SHEN, Pei-Jyun / TAO, Ling-Yu / CHANG, Yu-Huei / CHOU, Zao-Fei / LIN, Dai-Man / PING, Lu / TIAN, Li-Yun
Executive Supervisor TSAI, Wen-Yee
Supervisors WANG, Hong-Wei / SHIU, Yi-Wei
Secretary General LEE, Fei-Hong
Vice Secretary General WEI, Wan-Li
The 10th Dir
President SHIH, Chin-Wen
Vice President CHEN, Ruo-Xi
Advisors HUANG, Chao-Heng / SU, Yu-Zen (Gertrude) / JHAO, Jing-JYan / WANG, Li-Sing / SHEN, Chun-Hua / KAO, H.E (Alice) / LEE, Yen-Chiu / FU, I-Ping(Flora)
Executive Directors SHIH, Chin-Wen / CHEN, Ruo-Xi / CHEN, Yeh-Ching (Grace) / SU, Yu-Zen (Gertrude) / Ou Yang ,Yuan-Mei
Directors CHIN, Shiu-Li / CHIU, Xiu-Zhi / WUN, Siao-Ping / SHIU, Yi-Wei / WANG, Hong-Wei / KU, Ming-I / WANG, Yung-Ho / YIN, Nai-Jing / TAO, Ling-Yu / LIN, Dai-Man
Executive Supervisor JHOU, Jia-Chuan
Supervisors WU, Sheue-Sheue / TSAI, Wen-Yee
Secretary General WANG, Ke-Jing
The 09th Dir
President FU, I-Ping(Flora)
Vice President CHEN, Ruo-Xi
Advisors HUANG, Chao-Heng / SU, Yu-Zen (Gertrude) / JHAO, Jing-JYan / WANG, Li-Sing / SHEN, Chun-Hua / KAO, H.E (Alice) / LEE, Yen-Chiu
Executive Directors FU, I-Ping(Flora) / LEE, Yen-Chiu / SHEN, Chun-Hua / YE, Shu-Shan / CHIU, Xiu-Zhi
Directors KAO, H.E (Alice) / WANG, Li-Sing / SHIH, Chin-Wen / Ou Yang ,Yuan-Mei / Chuang, Kai-Wen / KU, Ming-I / TSAI, Wen-Yee、SHIU, Yi-Wei / CHEN, Yeh-Ching (Grace) / JHOU, Jia-Chuan / WUN, Siao-Ping / WANG, Hong-Wei / Soong, Ya-Chih / Lin, Zhi / Yang, Ming
Executive Supervisor SU, Yu-Zen (Gertrude)
Supervisors Wang, Chi-Lan / JHAO, Jing-Jyan / LIANG, Jia-Mu / WU, Sheue-Sheue / WU, Ling-Chiao / GAO, Lei-Na
Secretary General WANG, Ke-Jing

Introducing the President


・President of
Culture areas writer and curater

・Bachelor of Journalism, National Chengchi University (NCCU)
・Master of Journalism, National Chengchi University (NCCU)